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Aqualens 10H Monthly (6 Lens Pack)

Aqualens contact lenses

You know eye lenses but what are monthly disposable contact lenses? As the name suggests, monthly contact lenses are the ones that last up to a month’s duration (30 days). These are soft lenses with high water retention that keeps your eyes moist and comfortable all day.

The 6 lens pack can be cleaned and reused every day for 10-12 hours for nearly a month.

Who can use Aqualens Monthly Contact Lenses?

People who wear
lenses most days

People with dry eyes

Those who do not want to
buy daily lenses, every day

Individuals with
sensitive eyes

Reasons to love Aqualens Clear Contact Lenses

Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Long Durability
UV Protection
Breathable Eye
Comfortable Feel
Aspheric Design

Find Your Best Pick

10H Clear
24H Clear
24H Toric Dailies Color Dailies
Color x x x
Material Hydrogel
Power range -0.75 to -9.5

-0.50 to -6.00,

-6.50 to -9.00

SPH:0.50 to SPH:-6.00 in -0.25 Variance, CYL:-0.75 & -1.25, Axis - 10,20,90,160 & 180. x
Lens type Spherical Spherical Cylindrical Cylindrical

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