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Aqualens 24 H NXT Monthly Contact Lens (3 Lens/Box)

Aqualens contact lenses

Aqualens 24H NXT is a pack of monthly disposable contact lenses that last for up to 24 hours of the day, that is, all waking hours. 24H NXT is a next-level monthly lens made from 3rd Generation Silicone Hydrogel material.

These monthly disposable contact lenses are highly durable and provide long-lasting comfort. The high-quality material in these lenses allows 4 times more oxygen to pass through to your eyes.

Who can use Aqualens Monthly Contact Lenses?

Regular lens

People with eye

People with dry
eye syndrome

A hustler with a
hectic lifestyle

Why choose Aqualens 24H NXT Monthly Contact Lenses?

Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
24 hours wearability
4X oxygen
58% water content
3rd Gen Silicone Hydrogel
UV blocking

Choose the best contact lens

10H Clear
24H Monthly 24H Toric Monthly Color Dailies
Color x x x
Material Hydrogel
3rd Generation Silicone
Power range -0.75 to -9.5

+0.50 to +4.00,

-0.50 to -6.00,-6.50 to -10.00

0.00 to -6.00, -6.50 to -10.00 x
Lens type Spherical Spherical Cylindrical Cosmetic

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