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Aqualens Daily Lens - 10 LP

Aqualens contact lenses

Tired of adjusting your bulky glasses? Clear contact lenses are your answer here. Clear contacts are soft and transparent lenses that are used for vision correction. These lenses provide a peripheral view with utmost clarity.

Aqualens clear contact lenses - dailies are high-quality contacts that have a daily disposability. They can be worn once for nearly 10-12 hours and are known for their supreme comfort.

Who can use 10H Clear Contact Dailies?

A first-time
lens wearer

People who have
prolonged screen time

People with dry and
sensitive eyes

A sports enthusiast

Reasons to love Aqualens Clear Contact Lenses

Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Aqualens contact lenses
Long Hours of Comfort
High Water Content
UV Protection
New Day, New Lens
Aspheric Design

Find Your Best Pick

10H Clear
24H Clear
24H Toric Dailies Color Dailies
Color x x x
Material Hydrogel
Power range -0.75 to -9.5

-0.50 to -6.00,

-6.50 to -9.00

SPH:0.50 to SPH:-6.00 in -0.25 Variance, CYL:-0.75 & -1.25, Axis - 10,20,90,160 & 180. x
Lens type Spherical Spherical Cylindrical Cylindrical

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